The minstrels, our flag

The history of this Estate dates back to the end of the XIV century.
The Estate is referred to since 1378 in the early days of the portuguese kingdom. Much of Herdade Paço do Conde is located between the remains of an ancient Roman castle next to the Guadiana river and the ancient Roman city named “Vilares”.
Herdade Paço do Conde has been in the possession of the Castelo Branco family for more than three centuries, and ever since our experience has been one of celebration and friendship. Inviting friends, friends of friends or a neighbor to share a bottle of wine and some soup, in an atmosphere of celebration and joy. This heritage from medieval times combined with a festive predisposition, gave rise to the minstrels and Paço do Conde brand.

The family

and the millennial agricultural tradition

Founded in 1928 under the name Sociedade Agrícola Paço do Conde, the origin of one of the oldest agricultural companies in the country, is nowadays run by its current owners, José António Ferrão Castelo Branco, Luís Miguel Ferrão Castelo Branco and Maria Luísa Castelo Branco Schmidt, grandchildren of the founder. Owners of a number of different agricultural companies which comprise the Paço do Conde Group, we are currently responsible for operating around 4,400 hectares of agricultural land on the banks of the Guadiana river, Baixo Alentejo, southern Portugal. In addition to the production of grapes for wine, diversified crops are produced in the 4,400 hectares of the Estate, such as olive groves, wheat, barley, corn, onion, garlic, poppy, sown and natural pastures for cattle and black mountain pig. The continuity of the Agricultural exploitation and the development of the cellar and oil press are essential components of this project. The passion for the land leads to the respect for nature and environment passed on by our ancestors. The entire Estate is situated in a game reserve which, associated with the Integrated Production system in its cultures, allows for the preservation of fauna and flora. This passion for the land and what we do is shared in each bottle of wine and olive oil produced by Herdade Paço do Conde.
We pour our family values into Herdade Paço do Conde in order to build a common purpose, that of being recognized as a market leader without losing the essence of what made us get here.

The passion to continuously create unique wines and olive oils and to innovate with responsibility, respecting customers, partners and employees


Tradition that comes from those who have been
for 5 generations intensely linked to agriculture. From the company's rich heritage, cared for and enriched over these generations. Preserving what distinguishes Alentejo is protecting the culture of the people.


The well-being and happiness of those around us is one of our core values. We share tasks, goals and ideas. Always bearing in mind the family spirit of this
great team, we promote interaction among all and celebrate results. We share joy.


Keen observer and curious spirit that always bears in mind the possibility of doing something different and unique anticipating market trends.
Embodied in more than 25 wines, all of them different and with the launch of new products and new brands over the years.


Preserving the earth means evolving in a sector in constant progress. For that matter we invoke the passion of the family
for agriculture driving the change of our workers towards new approaches and optimization of work processes, always aware that tradition
and modernity must be perfectly integrated.

The Team

Pedro Schmidt

General Manager

“At Paço do Conde we have pride and are in love with our land and our roots. Everything we do is with a lot of passion and that is why we choose the vineyard and the olive grove as our two priority crops to show the best that can be produced in our Alentejo, always focusing on environmental, social and economic sustainability. The great diversity of cultures and animals that we have in our lands makes us the perfect example of what Alentejo has to offer to our customers and friends.”

Carlos Campos

Commercial Director

“The gratifying feeling that comes from this job is when you manage to convey to the customer that each bottle of wine that arrives at the table involves a hidden team which is extremely professional and dedicated. Without our union none of it would be possible.”

Rui Reguinga


“The terroir is the main root for everything.
You can only achieve a great wine making a good job at the vineyard.”

Cellar Manager

Filipe Camões

“I work with passion and dedication and I am very proud of this excellent team”

Oil Press Laboratory and Quality Control Manager

Catarina Silva

Oil Press Manager

Carlos Barbio

"We need to put who we are in every little thing we make."

Cellar Laboratory and Quality Control Manager

Ana Margarida

“Every day there is a challenge and each challenge makes me fall in love with wines even more”

Wine Tourism Manager

Andreia Martins

"I can see all this world's Alentejo from my office window!"


Pre-scheduled visits

with prior appointment

Come and visit Herdade Paço do Conde all year round and get to know the diversity and heritage that the Estate has to offer. Wine, olive oil, nature and the art
of production are unique experiences that will surprise you.
Visiting our Estate is understanding the harmony achieved between tradition and modernity in the production of olive oils and wines.
You can observe the immensity of Alentejo among its olive groves and vineyards passing through the barrel rooms where high quality wines are aging.
At the end of the visit you will be able to go through the basic steps of an Alentejo Wine tasting and really appreciate all the pleasure that comes from this special wines.


Our shop is very welcoming and cozy made just for you.
The service is personalized, allowing you to best satisfy your needs.
You have at your disposal a wide range of wines and olive oils at
very attractive prices.

Tasting Menu

Paço do Conde Tasting
HPC Red + White + Rose

Special Editions Tasting
Antão Vaz & Verdelho + Touriga Nacional & Syrah + HPC Rosé

Single Grape Tasting
Syrah + Alicante Bouschet + HPC Branco

Private Selection Tasting
HPC Reserva Branco + HPC Reserva Tinto + Winemakers

All tastings include a tasting of Paço do Conde olive oil.
It is always possible to create other tasting packages tailored to each customer.

Opening Hours

with prior appointment

Herdade Paço do Conde
Monte Paço do Conde, Apartado 25
7800-611 Baleizão – Beja – Portugal
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Email: info@pacodoconde.com
Tel: +351 284 924 415/16 (chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

Monday to Friday 09:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
Lunch Time: 1p.m. to 2p.m.
Closed: Saturdays and Sundays (open by appointment)