Ribeira do Guadiana is the name of a vineyard close to the Guadiana river in Southern Portugal, where a well balanced terroir produces elegant wines.
There are 30 mammal species in the Guadiana river. We embraced the Otter (Lutra, lutra) one of the rare and protected species of this habitat.

Technical File:

Denomination – Vinho Regional Alentejano Portugal | Producer – Soc. Agrícola Encosta do Guadiana | Winemaker – Rui Reguinga | Grape Varieties – Antão Vaz 80% Arinto 20% | Alcohol – 12,5% | Total Acidity – 5,4g/dm3 | PH – 3,40 | Volatil Acidity – 0,31g/dm3 | Total Sugars – 3,1g/dm3 | Bottle – 750 ml



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