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At the Herdade Paco do Conde diversity is an everyday reality. In addition to the 200 hectares of vines and the 1700 hectares of olive groves, the Herdade enjoys the benefits of fields of wheat, sunflower, corn, orchards, as well as natural and sewn pasture.
All of our production adheres to the Integrated Production system, in accordance with the most rigorous EU environmental production laws.
Our environmentally-friendly philosophy, seen in every aspect of production, avoid unnecessary use of fertilisers.
Diversity of species and cultivation enable the coexistence of traditional species of flora and fauna, a harmony which is reflected in the wines and olive oil of Herdade Paco do Conde.


The varieties of species that can be found in Herdade Paço do Conde.  This is due to some unique characteristics in the: sustainable agricultural practices, as well as the Guadiana river and  reservoirs.

One specie we can found in the Guadiana River is the otter. The abundance of unpolluted freshwater systems in this region, can maintain a stable and relatively high population of otter. We use the otter image in a Ribeira do Guadiana wine.

Abetarda is one of the most charismatic species of the Alentejo really it difficult to observe. The name comes from the Portuguese «ave tarda», for the delay to fly.


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