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Our Wines

Wine is born of the Earth. Every wine has its own personality.
Each terroir in herdade Paço do conde is a challenge. Each wine is the expression of a unique marriage of terroir, grape variety, blend and vintage, inspired by the knowledge of generations.

The preeminent Portuguese winemaker Rui Reguinga has led our winemaking team since our very first grape harvest. He is a lover of and expert in “terroir” viticulture and is attentive to every nuance, in order to express all the intensity of this special area. Accordingly he has produced a range of balanced and elegant wines which embody aroma, palate and structure within a modern profile, offering excellent accompaniment to all cuisine.
In line with modern-day demands, and with a view to achieving the best possible quality at the right price, we offer accessible, ready-to-drink wines, as well as wines to be laid down, amongst the very best from the Alentejo region. The superior quality and consistency of wines has been recognized over the years in Portugal and beyond borders in the most prestigious wine competitions.

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